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Advanced Java Development- J2EE

Learning the basics of Java is easy. But really delving into the language and studying its more advanced concepts and nuances is what will make you a great Java developer. The web is abundant with “soft”, “cheap”, “low end” Java tutorials, but what it is missing is material to really take you to the next level. This course is designed to help you make the most effective use of Java. It discusses advanced topics, including object creation, concurrency, serialization, reflection and many more. It will guide you through your journey to Java mastery!
Success Rate 100%
Job Placements96%
Professional Growth89%
Live Projects75%

Course Overview

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The Enterprise JAVA development program introduces the advanced concepts of software development techniques. The program is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the actual job environment along with providing knowledge of Enterprise JAVA programming skills.

JAVA Platform, Enterprise Edition is a set of specifications that extend JAVA SE for enterprise Features such as distributed computing and web services.

Java is among the most popular programming languages out there, mainly because of how versatile and compatible it is. JAVA can be used for many things, including software development, mobile applications, and large systems development. This Java course will provide you with a strong understanding of advance Java programming elements using problem representation and the object-oriented framework.

JUSTWIN IT SOLUTIONS is fully aware of current job market needs and we have designed our Java Development program which is aligned with current market needs. Our strategy is not to sell you course after course, our aim is to get you job.

If you are looking for a platform which can give you clear directions to choose right career, your resume and help you until you don’t get a job?


Course Content

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Course Name: Advanced JAVA DEVELOPMENT
Course Code:002
Course Duration: 38 hours

What You Will LearnTop ↑ Take a “real-life” problem and abstract out the pertinent aspects necessary to solve it in an algorithmic manner.

Session 1: Introduction of Advanced JAVA

  • Introduction to JavaEE
  • Working with NetBeans


  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Basic Tags
  • HTML5
  • Use Of Tables
  • Use Of HTML Forms
  • Use Of get and post Methods


  • Introduction to Servlets
  • Servlets API, Interfaces, and Methods
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Servlet Request, Servlet Response
  • Working with HTML and Servlets
  • Session Management
  • Use Of JDBC with Servlets
Hands-On Practice: Web Pages
  • HTML Tag Practice
  • Use of Servlets with Html
  • Use of Session
  • Login Page
  • SQL Statements with Servlets

  • JSP Overview
  • JSP Lifecycle
  • Creating and Working With JSP Elements
  • Working With JSP Standard Action
  • Use of Three Tier Architecture
  • Use Of Data Layer and Controller
  • Use of getter and setter to make structure less complex and easy to understand.


  • Working with HTML in JSP Pages
  • Form Validation
  • Use of Simple JavaScript
  • Working Inline JavaScript
  • Working Internal JavaScript
  • Working External JavaScript
  • Use of JDBC
  • Session in JSP
  • Session Validation
  • Master Page Concept
Hands-On Practice: JSP Application
  • Working on JSP with Html to make a small working project with JDBC
  • Perform JavaScript Validations
  • Use of Regex Pattern in JavaScript


Session 3: Client-Side Languages

  • CSS Overview
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • Use Of Classes
  • Use of Id’s
  • Use Of selector
  • Working with CSS to make Website attractive
  • Use Of Canvas
  • Use of Bootstrap
  • Use Of Bootstrap Icons
  • Use of Bootstrap in-built classes to make page and form attractive
  • Make Responsive Websites


  • jQuery Overview
  • Work with JQUERY inbuilt functions
  • Validation with jQuery
  • Animation with jQuery
  • Use Of Local Storage
  • Working with jQuery Inbuilt Plugins
  • Working with Progress bar
  • Work with jQuery Callback and Chaining
  • jQuery Events


Hands-On Practice: with Web Designing Environment
  • Working with CSS and make an interactive web page
  • Working with Bootstrap to make website responsive
  • Use of JQuery for Validation
  • Performs Animation
Session 4: AJAX And JSON

  • AJAX Overview
  • Working with Ajax Using Databases
  • Use Of Ajax in Running Website
  • Get Data without refreshing the page
  • Use Of AJAX in form and tables


Hands -On Practice: working with Back-end Environment
  • Use of AJAX pattern to get Data Dynamically
  • Use of REQUEST and Response to get and set data in Database
Session 5: Struts

  • What is Struts?
  • Struts 2 Features Tutorial
  • Model 1 vs Model 2
  • Struts 2 Architecture
  • Basic Flow of Struts
  • Struts 2 Action
  • xml
  • 5 Constants of Action Interface
  • Struts 2 Validation
  • Database and Struts
 Hands-On Practice: with Struts Framework
  • Make a simple Application with Struts 2
  • Use All Struts Validation
  • Use JDBC with Struts 2
Session 6: Hibernate

  • Hibernate Introduction
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Web Application in Hibernate
  • Collection Mapping
  • Use of Hibernate with Struts
Hands-On Practice: with Hibernate Framework
  • Work with Hibernate and Struts 2
  • Hibernate and Database


Session 7: Working with Online Server

  • Introduction to Domain name
  • Setup of Domain name with hosting server


  • Make database and database user in Host
  • Upload local database to online
  • Upload JSP code on server
  • Working on Sub Domain


Hands-On Practice: with Launching a Website
  • Perform Actions on Domain
  • Add User in Hosting
  • Add Database and Code in Server

Who Should Attend

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Enterprise JAVA Development:

  • Someone who is looking to upgrade there skills in JAVA to advance level of understanding, knowledge and practice.
  • Professional’s seeking job in Web Development and Web Services.
  • Must have basic knowledge of Core JAVA Development.
  • Someone who prefer to work with multiple Frameworks and JAVA Development Tools.



Learning Outcome

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Students will demonstrate their ability to work on larger, more complex projects by collaboratively designing and then individually implementing applications, in whole or in part, that exercise their competency with the core facilities of the Java APIs for feature-rich GUIs, animation or multimedia including components that distribute processing using the multi-threading, networking or JDBC APIs. You will be learning:

  •  Develop Swing-based GUI
  •  Develop client/server applications and TCP/IP socket programming
  • Update and retrieve the data from the databases using SQL
  •  Develop distributed applications using RMI
  •  Develop component-based Java software using JavaBeans
  •  Develop server side programs in the form of servlets



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Please look for the next dates in the schedule below:

Modules Start Date Location
 Advance JAVA Development October 6th;2018  Brampton
 Advance JAVA Development(next Batch) November 10th;2018  Brampton