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Project Management- Job Program

Project Management – Job Program' provides you essential knowledge and skills required to deliver successful projects. This program covers the complete project lifecycle – from project initiation and definition, through project implementation, and finally to the often neglected project completion phase. This will lay foundation for you to make a career in Project Management field.
Success Rate 100%
Job Placements90%
Professional Growth75%
Live Projects55%

Course Overview

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Project Management Program/Training

Project Management Program/Training course contents are designed by team of Senior Project Managers with extensive global industrial experience in Project Management and Senior Program Managers to benefit you in getting Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Assistant Project Manager or Project Scheduler job and to make you survive in job easily and efficiently.This program prepares you for market needs and helps in getting Project Management Jobs.

Project Management – Job Program‘ provides you essential knowledge and skills required to deliver successful projects. This program covers the complete project lifecycle – from project initiation and definition, through project implementation, and finally to the often neglected project completion phase. This will lay foundation for you to make a career in Project Management field.

This program is suitable for those who want to understand end to end Job function of Project Managers, day to day challenges faced by Project Managers and to know how projects should be managed to achieve a successful outcome.

During this program, you will learn:
  • How to identify Project management Job Market, Industry expectations and current opportunities by First Step towards Job – Workshop
  • Identify, analyze and design processes models to enhance information flow with our Business Process Modeling – Workshop
  • Discover real business needs with a structured approach by Facilitation with Role Play – Workshop
  • Develop superior strategies for gathering, documenting and reviewing requirements
  • Which methods can help you to develop valid project documentation and techniques to review documentation through Project Documentation Development and Review – Workshop
  • Understand methods for dealing with requirements changes and their impact on testing and product quality
  • How important it is for a Project manager to know tools such as MS-Project, MS-Visio, JIRA through our Project Management Tools – Workshop
  • 100% job oriented course contents which will lead you to get and survive in job easily and quickly
  • Present yourself with high value and crack interview in first instance when you will attend our Resume and Interview Preparation – Workshop

Course Content

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Course Name: Project Management – Job Program
Course Code: PM002
Course Duration: 38 hours

Workshop 1 – PMP Exam Overview
  • PMP Fundamentals
  • Course description
  • How to understand the PMBOK Guide
  • About PMI and PMP exam
  • Exam‐Taking Tips
  • Develop your Exam Success Roadmap
Workshop 2- Business Process Modeling
  • Introduction of Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • What are behavioural and Structural Diagrams?
  • How to create Use Case Diagram
  • How to create State Diagram
  • How to create Activity Diagram
Workshop 3 – Project Documentation Development and Review
  • Develop or Review Project Charter
  • Develop and monitor Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Cost and Time Estimation Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Human Resource Management Plan
  • Review Test Plan
  • Review Test Cases
  • Review Business Requirement Document (BRD)
Workshop 4 – PMP Exam Simulation
  • PMP Exam Simulation on OMR Sheets
Workshop 5 – Facilitation with Role Play
  • Project Kick-Start Meeting
  • Stakeholder Analysis Meeting
  • Requirement Elicitation & Project Scope
  • Cost and Time Estimation Session in Agile
  • Earned Value Analysis in SDLC
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Session
Workshop 6- Project Management Tools
  • MS Project – Starting a new plan, Building a
    task list, Setting up resources, Assigning
    resources to the tasksTracking progress,
    Viewing & Reporting Project Status
  • MS VISIO – Creating timelines and WBS
Workshop 7- Resume Preparation and Project Review
  • Resume Preparation
  • Project Reviews
Workshop 8 – Individual Mock Interviews
  • Interview Questions Discussions
  • Job Placement Support
Project Workshop
  • Developing High level Requirements
  • Preparing Project Charter Document
  • Develop Business Case
  • Risk Analysis
  • Time and Cost Estimation

Who Should Attend

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  • Project management – Job Program is ideal for recent graduates who are dreaming to get into IT industry and this program will open door to get in to IT
  • If you are holding Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in IT and having difficulty to get an IT job
  • Business Analysts who are dreaming to be a Project manager
  • If you have applied for tremendous jobs but never get a interview call


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Please look for the next dates in the schedule below:

Modules Start Date Location
Project Management- Job Program October 6th;2018  Brampton
Project Management-Job Program(next Batch) November 10th;2018  Brampton


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Career Path

Very few people start in the field as full-fledged project managers. Most are offered an assistant position on a project management team and are assigned responsibility for one aspect of the work. As you gain experience, you may be assigned more and more tasks to manage, until you’re ready to lead others in completing an entire project. Other newcomers start out with primarily technical jobs, creating, tracking, and updating the schedule using a software program; reviewing documents, and writing reports.

Project Coordinator

Project coordinator is an entry-level position that offers exposure to the work done by project managers. It’s usually an administrative position involving a great deal of paperwork. You generate and distribute the reports that keep the project management team, owners, company staff, and others informed of a project’s progress. You also schedule meetings and assist the management team in any way possible.

Project Scheduler

For larger projects, a project scheduler runs the software, inputting the information supplied by the management team and updating files as needed. This is a technical position that involves a great deal of computer work and little actual management.

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant PMs do not necessarily assist the project manager directly. Rather, they’re usually assigned specific tasks to manage. They meet regularly with the PM to report progress and problems.

Project Manager

In this position, you may run a project yourself or lead a management team, delegating task management to assistants. PMs report to the “owner” of a project-whether that’s a real estate developer, government agency, or your company’s senior management. You oversee budget and schedule, and take responsibility for the project’s proper completion.

Senior Project Manager

Many large organizations that tackle multiple projects at once especially (IT, Banking and Telecom companies) employee Senior Project Manager. The senior project manager supervises a company’s various project managers, coordinating the allocation of company resources, approving costs, and deciding which projects should take priority.

You can take the Project manager career path as far as you would like, progressing through management levels as far as your expertise, talents and desires take you.

Project manager Salary

A full-time Project manager earns an average salary of $62,424 per year.