Why Us:

JUSTWIN IT SOLUTIONS is the only institute that is into the direct partnership with Canada’s leading IT Recruitment firm JOBSMONT (www.jobsmont.com) which will help our students line up interviews directly with the clients. Our special ‘Interview Preparation’ and ‘Job Interview Skills Training’ will certainly help you to crack the interview in first attempt. JUSTWIN provides end to end support to get you a career.

Core Benefits of Our Recruitment Firm:

NO SALARY CUT; Recruitment Services are absolutely FREE
No Resume Preparation/Review Fee
Weekly Mock Interview/ Resume Preparation Sessions
Free Career Counselling with our career experts
FREE Market Guidance
Providing Customized Recruitment and Placement Solutions
Truly unique network of Clients
Committed to Setting and Exceeding Expectations

How it Works:

Our JOBSMONT portal enables Job Seekers to make an admirable first impression by introducing them directly to hiring managers. Job Seekers can stand out amongst the competition by either creating a JOBSMONT Video Resume or text resume that highlights their qualifications to potential employers. One of our key features, the Video Resume, will serve as a powerful tool in enabling Job Seekers to showcase their personality and skills in a short video pitch that can be shared via email, other job boards or social media networks. We also have a team of Human Resource Experts that will conduct a thorough resume review session to assist Job Seekers in getting placements quickly. If you like to share your story to let your potential employer know the best side of you, we invite you to learn more about us and how it works or sign up for free today as a Job Seeker.

How it works

Register with us

This is the first step towards the ideal opportunity you are hunting for and we can help you only when we have you in our database.


Upload video resume

50% of the task is completed when you upload the video resume. This will help us and the employer to understand you better.


Review resume with our experts

Once you have registered with us and uploaded your video resume, you will receive a call from our experts to discuss and review your resume.


Get Hired

With our efficient Human Resource and highly capable IT recruiting staff, you will be on the final step of getting your ideal job opportunity you are looking for. Congrats, you are hired!